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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


The latest news about little Innocence is that she is observed living in a bubble. Our most experienced experts will examine the truth of this. Is it only malicious gossip, or is she now living under life-threatening conditions?

Monday, 1 March 2010


It has almost become a ritual. Over and over again the crew members will be on the search for Innocence.
Calling for her in the darkness, knocking on doors to ask for her, they are never willing to give in. They know Innocence, and they know she can easily be mixed up with people who have nothing in common with her. 
"You are looking for Innocence, than you have come to the right address" they say, claiming they are her. The crew members know better. They reveal a lie even before it is told. Fighting against misleading lies they know it is up to them to protect her. 
Innocence is out there in the darkness, and she has to be found - again and again...

Friday, 19 February 2010


It is magical, close to unbelievable, and most important - it is visual. You wake up from your dream and think you remember it, for in the next moment to see it dissolve like fog - right in front of you. The harder you try to catch it, the bigger the gap.
So, you forget about the dream, getting occupied with other tasks, and there it is! Trigged by a touch, a smell - just something connected to your senses.
And now you want to share it! You start to reconstruct the adventure by means of words, and it falls apart like a house of cards. The magic is gone. You are left with just another story, boaring yourself and your friend.
But you can still see it - in glimpses. The dream still affects your body, your feelings. Words just do not work.

Monday, 30 April 2007

Crew members

Ensemble Propelly is constantly changing. One member of our crew might need some privacy for a while, another gets lost on the road.
And travelling around like we do it is just inevitable to get new contacts.

You never know for tomorrow. We also face the fact that each and one of us are constantly meeting new challenges, and this demands changing attitudes. Tomorrow you will be met by a story totally different from what was told you last time our roads crossed. You might start doubting our most honest guarantee, that all our stories are based on the purest truth.
Don’t! Don’t meet a new angle with suspiciousness. You are also changing. May be this time you just focus on another part of the story?

Life is a process my dear Friends! Do not waste precious time by checking facts! There are no facts, just fiction. And we are all part of an ever changing story with an unknown ending. The same story in fact.
That’s actually the only fact.

A story teller’s task is to make links between the past and the future. Stories missing an end, or may be a beginning, might be linked up to new stories and completed.
We build bridges between what we are attracted to and the things we try to flee away from. We collect bits and pieces and open for intervals.
This way NEW STORIES come alive.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Twin Gorillas


The name of the lake is so familiar and our expectations are heading in a certain direction. But what happens? Yes, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans (quote John Lennon – Beautiful Boy)”. I could not agree more. We have a situation here; a boy (beautiful?), the gracious swans and the lake. And we have questions. Many questions! I am sorry to tell you there is no answer to get from Gorilla, nor from the swans, and the lake is resting in absolute silence. Enter the stage, get involved and you may experience something never experienced before. Search in your memory, in the gaps between the big events.

How Gorilla 1 managed to make his way to The Swan Lake is to me unintelligible. What ever reason, this leads me to introducing the inseparable siblings Gorilla 1 and Gorilla 2, a boy and a girl. I’ll have to go far back in time, to the very beginning of the history of mankind.
A baby born!!! The message created waves of enthusiasm and relief far outside Paradise. Like rings in the water it spread to all corners of the world. Then another message came! It was like Earth was holding her breath… Next message exceeded all expectations. Another one!!! Two babies saw the heavenly light reflected on earth this unusual day! Never ever had anyone heard about such a miracle.
Adam and Eve, the caretakers of Paradise, had become parents to twins. The evolution had however proceeded so extremely quickly, and giving birth could be a real surprise those days.
Take your time Ladies and Gentlemen. Evolution has used millions of years. A couple of minutes should be as nothing compared. As Pablo Picasso so wisely expressed; “We all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” So please take the time needed.

Ensemble Propelly


We travel through space and time and share our visual stories. Every single participant of the ensemble have her or his own unique story to share. But please do not be confused finding the same person in different settings, performing a new story. This is just what life is about for each and one of us. The only thing I can assure you is that each story is based on the Purest Truth. So, my dear audience, I will leave you to Ensemble Propelly, and hope you get carried away and find yourself on a forgotten shore. Have a nice journey.

Elly Propelly
creator and director of Ensemble Propelly